#TORVAincipit. Living room
#TORVAincipit. Living room

#TORVAincipit. Structure
#TORVAincipit. Structure

#TORVAincipit. Bedroom 2
#TORVAincipit. Bedroom 2

#TORVAincipit. Living room
#TORVAincipit. Living room


Torvajanica, Italy


Apartment's renovation as

suburban regeneration's seed

20   /  07   /   2020

85 sqm



#TORVAseed is the first seed of #TORVAregeneration, a suburban regeneration initiative on a residential building in the center of Torvajanica, a roman seaside, which began last June 2019.


In this context, last February we began the renovation of one of 26 apartments to give a concrete signal of change to the condominiums and the neighborhood.


It is a three-room apartment consisting of 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom, corridor and entrance hall, characterized by finishes and distribution of a 70s flavor.


The floors of the entrance, the corridor and the very large rooms are characterized by 50x50 slabs of marble chips. Each room is distinguished by color: pink, beige and burgundy.


The chosen colors (light blue gray and sunset pink) for the walls of each room enhance the pre-existing marmittoni (slabs of marble chips) in a contemporary key, softening the courageous choice of leaving the structures exposed in the living room and dark stoneware in the service areas.


The services have been completely redesigned to rationalize the spaces for contemporary uses. In the bathroom, the shower box replaces the old tub, arranging the space for the sink cabinet. The kitchen has been redesigned in line and open to the living room.


Consequently, the plumbing, electrical and gas systems are replaced, also taking into account the furniture chosen by the family-user, who has participated to conception's process since the beginning.

After the hard pause caused by lock down we have restarted with other participative initiatives to continue the started regeneration's process.

Special thanks to:


Andrea, AAAA Design

Sasha, the foreman

Igor, Bricklayer

Mamo, big-hearted worker

Giuliana Collina, architect (survey 's operations)

Vincenzo, Silvia and the little Sofia, the family who are living in.

BIM Project and builiding site