rēs[eco]architecturae is a new architectural practice founded by Flavia Restaldi while between Paris and Rome that looks for environmentally friendly solutions:

from the spoon to the town (Richard Roger) across the sea.

The very name rēs[eco]architecturae embodies the global vision of inhabiting today’s world complexity and finds its roots in the first European languages, the Latin and Greek:

res, rei  |οἶκος oikos | architectura,-ae, meaning the things of ecological architecture.

The setting, an inhabited ecosystem, is like a harbour. It is the starting and the end point. It is a resource to develop and nurture both during and after the docking.

Each project is like a sailing trip. The discovery and the knowledge generate a precise and systematic analysis that reveals the genius loci, the memories of living and stratified matters as the main source of inspiration.​

Every question, every situation, every story is by definition unique and as such requires a unique answer. 

The sea inspires the architecture: rēs[eco]architecturae is like a sailing boat. It needs wind and sailors in order to advance. The wind is its force and the sailors are its mind-set. Sometimes the boat is against the winds that drift it away from the goal, the island, that is, the project’s potential outcome. ​

However, the crew knows tacking to get to its final destination.



flavia restaldi bagno delle donne.jpg

1985:   Born in Rome, Italy
2004:   University of Architecture "La Sapienza" in Rome
2007:   Erasmus program at ULPG in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

2009:   Thesis research at UBA in Buenos Aires 

2010:   Master in architecture at "La Sapienza" in Rome

2011:   International Workshop "Inside City of Death", promoted by Live in Slum NGO in Cairo.

Moves in Paris to work on Paris Philarmony at Métra +Associés

 in partnership with Ateliers Jean Nouvel

2012:   Recognized by Register of Architectes in Rome

Barrio 21.24, winner of Prix Alibrandipublished on different architectural reviews: 

Boundaries, Plataforma Urbana, Progettare Architettura, Città e Territorio

2018:   Founds  rēs[eco]architecturae 

            Participates to Competition for selecting residents Villa Médicis 2019-2020 with Archipelago

2019:   In collaboration with Réseau Friche Association          

            In collaboration with Semi di Rigenerazione Association

2020:   In collaboration with On, an italian sustainable mobility start-up

2021:   Teacher of "Revit fundamentals" - Order of Architectes of Grosseto.


She has worked at:

Métra et Associés, ANMA, Daquin et Ferriére Architecture, Studio Valle Progettazioni, 

Pietri Architectes, Loci Anima, Reichen et Robert, SCAU, Andrew Todd and Ateliers/2/3/4/


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