#bagno delle donne vs covid-19
#bagno delle donne vs covid-19


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bagno delle donne 00

#bagno delle donne vs covid-19
#bagno delle donne vs covid-19


Talamone, Italy

#Bagno delle donne


Covid -19

01  /  06  /   2020

Seaside Architecture.

Beach umbrellas new set-up against Covid-19.

350 sqm


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After more than two months and half of lock down, who hasn't dreamed of going to the beach and being in the sun, but without cold sweat?


Customer care has always been at the center of the concerns of the managers of all Italian bathing establishments, never as in this season marked by the pandemic and the fear of contagion from Covid-19.


In particular, we have met that of the Benelli's family who since 1985 manages the Bagno delle donne in Talamone, a unique place for its particular territorial conformation.

Under the Aldobrandi's Fortress, where in '54 Kirk Douglas in the role of Mario Camerini's Vlisse landed, together with Daniele and Sonny we have rearranged the umbrella positions of the SO area, applying the following indications of the Ordinance of the President of the Tuscany Region n.60 of 27- 05-2020 relating to bathing establishments, equipped beaches and free beaches:

• Reorganize the spaces, to ensure access to the plant in an orderly manner, in order to avoid gatherings of people and to ensure the maintenance of at least 1 meter (1.8 m recommended) of separation between users.

• Ensure a spacing between the umbrellas (or other shading systems) so as to guarantee an area of ​​at least 10 square meters for each umbrella, regardless of the way the beach is set up (for horizontal or rhombus rows).


The umbrella module consists of a 3.16 x 3.16 m square within which there are two sun loungers and an umbrella.

The stations are arranged along the main route, the one dictated by the cliff that protects the bath from the sea.

We are all as that cliff at Womens Bath, against Covid-19!

Special thanks to:

Daniele, Nathy and Sonny, Bagno delle Donne -Talamone

*See the World from Above, for the Drone's pictures

Bagno delle donne's people vs Covid-19