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Rome, Italy


Customized furniture in parquet and iron

05   /   10   /   2018

Recovery and save space design

Special thanks to:

Fabio, the blacksmither

Oh, yeah! You finish to renovate your appartment!


For sure, you have leftovers materials like parquet, stones, bricks or concrete and you don't know where stock it. 

Are you ready to post on web or social networks hoping somebody could be quickly interessed?

No,no, no the solution isn't to leave everything in the street.

Perhaps, you don't think about furniture and deco but you start to have nightmares to go to Ikea and companies to hold on queue to have your home like everybody's ones?

Perhaps, do you liked on instagram photo of your best bar?

Do you love iron and industrial mood for furniture?

Parqbar is a example how leftovers materials and iron could be combined to create your customized furniture as you like.

In Loft-boat Parq is customized bar and stools in parquet and iron as the limit between kitchen area and living.

The bar and stool design starts from parquet dimensions in BIM model.

The width as multiple's wooden flooring, to avoid cuts and more run-outs.

The bar length is function of the stools ones, to save space when the bar is not used.

Recover and save space are the main goal in a small place.

Are you live in?

Contact us for your customized furniture in iron and run-out construction material!