We decided to introduce BIM after more than 10 years of CAD use. Our way of thinking gets closet to construction approach to respond to the new numerical challenge. Since then, we have laid the BIM foundations of res[eco]architecturae in the field of furniture, interior and architectural and also urban design.

At first, our experience was built through three certified Revit training courses (fundamental, perfection and management) at ADIG and Pole EVA and in the architectural practice, following the development of different projects in BIM2 and learning from the BIM method and expertise of Reichen et Robert Associés, SCAU and Ateliers/2/3/4 (Tour des Jardins de l'Arche : 2018 BIM d'Argent Award).

Today, we are strong of our "open - method", able to adapt to all programs and detail scales. Our projects are developed entirely in BIM, from the preliminary design to working plans, to reduce times, costs and risks during the building site.

" From the spoon to the town, through the sea "

That is our slogan, where our philosophy becomes reality through BIM production.


In collaboration with  "La città virtuale" and Ordre of architects of Grosseto, 

we are organized the formation "Revit fundamentals" (20 CFP - 36 hours)

From 10th to 28th may 2021

Monday, wednesday and friday day h. 9:00 am - 1:00 pm,

Revit on line with us!