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Rome, Italy


Hortocontext competition at Lanificio factory

30  /  09   /   2012

Community gardens

Wool factory terrace's re-conversion

Urban Regeneration 

Special thanks to:

Vivien Corre, landscaper

Tommaso Sacconi, photographer & architect

Vanessa Venturi, architect  

without forget:

Oliver Bucks, sustainability consultant 

Juan Ignacio De Benedetto, chef

Michela Guglielmi, architect 

Arianna Robertiello, architect

 A sharing&production space, as Lanifico Factory's philosophy: yesterday wool factory, today concept factory.

The garden become a place of social aggregation and of discovery with the ground, common good to be protected and to grow, involving students and lovers through formation's workshops.

Starting point: matter, wool, her textures, weave patterns, mathematical rigour in the fabrics and the infinitives combination generated by uhighest common factor: the knit as fractal frequence timed by the module.


It's an un-tissued pathwork of solids and voids, where paths, sits, gardens and work plans chatt in a apparent disorder meanwhile keeping suitable working space through functional joints.


The pallet is the texture beginning in continue evolution, perhaps actual recycle icon, chosed for his flexible nature and neighborhood's availability in via Pietralata.

As Pallet zero cost's require, the project budjet is devolved and redressed 

in favor of ambiental sustenibility. Lanificio and his garden are independent: sun, wind and water are alternative sources of energy through recycled photo-voltaic panels, vertical eolian system, rainwater recovery for garden's irrigation and hydraulic pump to exploit the Aniene's flow rate.

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